Being childish and girly.

I thought about blogging about the difference between state-of-being and action verbs today, but I thought I might lose readership if I did that.  So then I thought about the post office (my favorite place – read more about that here), but for the past three days I’ve check my mail faithfully twice a day without anything to pull out of that little box.  So that topic is out.  (Except the post office people decorated for Halloween and it’s pretty snazzy…  also, have I mentioned that my PO box is on the bottom of the boxes?  I have to practically sit on the floor to open it.)

You could say that my coffee hasn’t fully gotten into my brain yet today.  I started drinking it about half an hour ago, but it hasn’t woken me up completely yet.  I went to bed just after 11 last night, so that’s probably why.  I’m markedly affected by getting less than 8 hours of sleep.

But it was for good reason that I went to bed late.  You’re going to think I’m such a girl from this story, but I’m actually totally fine with that. Turns out that I like being female. Hence, the Skirt Wednesdays and cutesy pictures and homemade things in my dorm.

Story Time:

My friend down the hall had a study date at the library last night.  Now, I’m going to protect her identity because we don’t exactly know where this is going.  Let’s call her Fern.  That’s not her name for real, but we’re going to call her that.  And we’ll call the boy Ferdinand since alliteration is a great thing.  Mel (no, I’m not changing her name to protect her identity. She doesn’t need protecting) and I thought we should keep an eye on things in the library since we didn’t have much else to do.

Well, sure, we had other things to do.  But we really wanted to creep.

So, we made tea and walked to the library.  And walked past Fern and Ferdinand, just to check on them, not once.  Not twice.

Three times.

You could say we’re some of the most protective friends in the world.  Or the biggest creeps.  After we had sufficiently made sure that things were going well (not that we could have done much about if if it wasn’t going well), we walked back to the dorm and waited for Fern to come home.

And waited.

And waited.

Turns out they really hit it off and decided to go for a walk.  Now, Kathryn turns out the light around 10 to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep until I knew Fern was back.  (It’s my motherly tendencies coming into play here.  I learned from the best. :))  So I sat in the dark in my room, on my computer in my pink striped pajamas with pigtails in my hair.

So then, I further exhibited my girliness by running down the hall to her room when she got back and sitting on her floor, listening raptly as she described the studying and conversation while walking.

Let’s face it: sometimes we revert to childish behavior (like pink pajamas and pigtails and being excited about study dates).  And as long as it’s not a permanent reversion, it’s okay.  So, there are the thoughts for Thursday.


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