Elevators are awkward.

I’m not one to call everything awkward.  I’ve noticed that there’s a trend lately to call anything and everything awkward.  I try to save that term for things that are really, truly awkward.

Like elevators.  It’s a nice concept, really.  I’m sure Otis or whoever invented elevators thought let’s make life easier on people with large loads to carry or wheelchairs or people without feet or whoever can’t walk up stairs.  But when you don’t fit into one of those categories, elevators are seriously awkward.  People cram in as tightly as they can so that we can all enable each other to be lazy (I don’t mean that in a judgmental way.  I have, after all, taken the elevator before), then the doors close and we all stare at them until they open again.

There’s nothing to talk about.

Now, I’m a pretty friendly person.  I make conversation with people at fast food places on a regular basis.  And I like to engage people in small talk, especially if it adds some spice to their day.  But with an elevator, we all know we’re going to get out in about 30 seconds, so unless you’re telling someone which button to press, there’s really no need for speech.  If you have a cart with lots of baked goods on it, then there’s a good conversation starter.  If you have a large load to carry, like a gigantic cardboard box, then there’s another good thing to talk about.  But when we’re all just using the elevator as a time and energy saver, there’s not much to say.  Oh, hey, you’re in here because you don’t want to walk up the stairs, right?  hehe, yep, me too. 

What a great conversation.

I don’t blame the people who started the practice of elevator music.  It at least breaks the silence and at most gives people something to complain about together while they wait.

I took the elevator one day last week when I was sore from yoga and feeling like the stairs would require too much exertion.  It was so awkward.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I walk up 160 stairs, but it’s worth it to avoid the awkward laziness of the elevator.

Maybe I’m alone in thinking that it’s awkward.  But either way, I’m going to take the stairs.

Now, you might be wondering how this relates to my “journey” to who I want to be, or who I’m becoming, or both.  Good point.  Really, thought, don’t we all have to decide how we feel about elevators at some point?  Right.


3 thoughts on “Elevators are awkward.

  1. So very true Ashley. I am glad they made them, though, for the main reason I am lazy sometimes, I don’t feel good so the stairs are exhausting, or I want to get to my coffee floor faster (I have to take one step at a time on the stairs very carefully or I truly do trip). Also, not only looking at the door waiting for it to open, but the carpet sometimes is an interesting thing to figure out too. Love you and hope your day is awesome.

  2. The best is when someone is trying to have a conversation with another person on the exact opposite side of the elevator, with 4 or 5 people in between. Also, I love your last paragraph — it’s so true; I mean, we do have the choice of taking or not taking the elevator multiple times per day :)

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