Dear, kind marathon runner.

Dear, sweet, kind, wonderful marathon runner,

We had a lovely conversation tonight while I was at work.  I asked you for money for my school, and you said no.  But that’s not what made this so lovely.

You were friendly.

Oh, you will never know the extent of what that meant to me.  You shared kind words and true regret that you weren’t able to give to the university at the time.  You said I was sweet.  That kept me smiling for the rest of my shift.

Some people just say no and hang up.  Some people make up excuses for why they are never available to talk.  Is there a better time that I could reach him?  no?  never?  Some people are friendly enough until they realize that you are trying to raise money – for a worthy cause – and shut down all semblances of kindness.

But not you.  You have expenses, Ms. Marathon Runner, but you said I could call back next semester.  And, boy, will I look forward to that call.  I’ll look forward to kind words and patience.

Thank you for being different than most people I talk to. Thank you for understanding that this is my job, and I don’t mean to call during dinnertime or when children are screaming or when your finances are tight.  Thank you for picking up your phone.

I hope you win the marathon.  You deserve it.



P.S. While I’m thanking people, thank you Tide for making Tide-to-go pens so that I didn’t have to wash my whole quilt when I got salsa on it tonight.  You people are amazing.

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