Technology challenge day.

Today hasn’t been the most productive of days, and I blame that on the fact that facebook has suspiciously been unavailable on the school wifi.  I think it’s a social experiment, personally.  I know that facebook is typically thought of as a distraction, but I think I get more done when I know what everyone is doing.

Just kidding.  I definitely don’t get anything more done.

The other thing to blame is that Pearl went insane this morning.  (Pearl is my phone, by the way.)  After a couple conversations with the Samsung people, I have learned that the only way to change things is to take her in to the AT&T store.

So, that’s how I’ll spend my Saturday night.  I won’t finish my annotated bibliography right now.  I’ll just set things aside and go downtown to the support place.

As difficult as dealing with tech support can be at times, I’m thankful that it exists.  Pearl has been vibrating and blank screening since 9am, which I suppose is kind of like a smart phone seizure.  Poor girl, she must be sick.

Yesterday I needed my own type of tech support.  I was malfunctioning.  I don’t believe I’ve talked about Street Ministry before, but it’s where we spend some time with our friends who are homeless.  We share a meal with them from 9:30 to 11:30 on Friday nights.  I really can’t think of a better way to spend my time, and I always leave feeling quite happy.

But yesterday after classes and yoga, I was just feeling so sleepy.  I’d forgotten that I really do enjoy spending time with my friends on the street.  I’d forgotten that there is such a blessing to be had in spending time with people that I don’t normally associate with – people that are typically on the fringe of society.  I leave feeling so full, something that I never feel after 10pm.

Jesus offers good tech support when I malfunction.  I’m thankful for that.

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