Significant joy.

The Minnesota Vikings are winning today, and – just like the last time they won – my Jared Allen Vikings shirt is dirty.  Not like “oh, I wore this once” dirty, but like “I worked out in this” dirty.  So, I’m thinking that I’m significant to this process of them winning.  I’m going to start working out in my Vikings shirt every week that they play.  It’ll be a sacrifice to not rep my MN pride on a day when they’re doing so well, but if it will help them win, I’ll do my part.

Another thing I was thinking is that maybe I should stop talking about the little joys in my life as though they’re insignificant… because they’re not.  I went grocery shopping today, and I was thinking to myself as I walked the mile to the grocery store This is a nice walk.  It’s one of those little pleasure in life, a walk through nice fall weather when the sun is shining.  Then I got in the grocery store and found all the things I needed. Oh, this is nice.  I don’t get to shop much while I’m in school.  And I’d feel guilty if I did.  Grocery shopping’s good.  I can buy things – because I need them – and not feel too bad.

It was a fairly significant joyful feeling.  So I’m going to call those things significant joys.

More of those from today:

– there was plenty of pineapple at breakfast.

– I got a phone call from a friend while I was looking for hummus, and he had a funny story for me.

– I successfully found all that I needed in the foreign grocery store.  It did have a weird layout, so that was a challenge.

– I found a recipe for muffins that includes two ingredients.  So I’m going to make those and get back to you on how it goes.  Minimal ingredients is awesome when you don’t have your own stocked kitchen.

– There’s leftover Lou Malnati’s for dinner.

– I saw a bunch of cute kids on my walks today.

– between the walk to church and the grocery store, I’ve walked 4 miles today.  That means I don’t have to work out this afternoon.

– Individual Greek yogurt cups were on sale.

– Church this morning was full of everything good.

– I am the proud owner of a new muffin pan.  Really, really proud owner.  Bakeware is exciting.  It pretty much makes you a legitimate person.

What are your significant joys today? I forget to think about those sometimes, but when I do, the list gets long.  And then I remember that life is good.  How silly of me to forget.

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