I love Fridays usually.  Today’s no exception.  I didn’t have any reading due, any assignments to figure out, any papers to write, and my classes didn’t require much out of me.  I can spend most of the weekend getting ahead in my classes and enjoying the Apple Fest in Lincoln Square.

I heard two ladies talking today about how they were doing.  The gist of their conversation was that they weren’t have such great weeks – so busy, you know – but (and here the resolute tone enters) at least today’s Friday.  Big sigh.  Now let’s do yoga (that’s where we were).

Friday means a lot to us, doesn’t it?  Saturday and Sunday might not actually bring that much less responsibility or much more relaxation than the rest of the week, but Friday makes us think that we’re going to be okay.  Knowing that we’ve lived life for another week and will hopefully make it back for another one brings relief.  I don’t live for the weekend since I like my daily life during the week, but Fridays are definitely something to thank God for.

Along with rain and Fika (wanna know more about that?  Go to last Saturday’s post) and street ministry.  And ice cream Snicker’s bars.  And hugs.  And letters.  And finally being able to buy stamps.  And having a job.  And liking your co-workers.  And good music.  And good friends.  And Jesus.

There’s a practice room calling my name right now.  And some music that really wants to be played.  Happy Friday.  Thank God For Fridays. TGFF


One thought on “TGFF

  1. Happy Friday Ashley. Thank you for this. This is so true for me. Friday is here, I take a deep breath and feel relieved before the end of the day. I really need to start living day to day, but that is hard sometimes. Love you and hope your weekend is great. I am glad things are going so well for you.

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