You’re a witness now.

I’m back in the jazzy Starbucks, and I’ve got a few things to say.

Number one: I’m convinced that my heart doesn’t beat in the morning until I start to drink my coffee.  Absolutely convinced.

Number two: I read a really good book that I hated while I was reading the first half, but now that I’ve completely finished it and analyzed it a bit, I’m realizing that it’s incredibly significant to me.  If you’ve ever struggled with the creation account in Genesis and modern science and wanted to understand it a bit better, The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton might be a helpful read.  I’d let you borrow my copy, but I rented it.  So go on Amazon or to your local library.  You’ll find it.

Number three: This one’s mostly for me.  God is so faithful.  I just have to keep records.

Here’s how God has been faithful to me this week.  (And I’m keeping the record here instead of in my journal because now there are witnesses to His goodness and when I forget, you can remind me.)  I applied for a job last week.  I sent in my first resumé, completed a phone interview, and was told I’d be notified in a week.

I was really tempted to worry, folks.  Real tempted.  Because I have this faulty notion in my head that when I worry about something as long as possible, I can make things happen.  (It’s never worked before, but hey, whoever said I thought logically?)  I have this idea that if I let me stomach get in knots for as long as possible and keep my brain coming up with all the possibilities of what could happen, that I’ll be better off.

Well, I decided to try something different this week.  I decided that if I say that I trust God, I should probably live that way.  So I told God that I wasn’t going to worry about the job.  I told Him that I was putting the whole thing into His hands (and to help me, as a visual person, I pictured it in my head), and whenever I started getting that knotty feeling in my stomach, I pictured it there.  Or put it back up there if I had taken it back into my own hands.

And what do you know?  I had a nice, worry-free week.  That would have been enough, proof that I can trust God.  But to make things better, I got the job.

*wild applause for Jesus*

It was an experiment.  When I put the job into His hands, I put some other things up there too.  And I’m learning to trust on a daily basis.  Learning that my worry doesn’t only not do me good, it doesn’t help the situation I’m in.

The cliché fits: Don’t worry; be happy – when you’ve transferred the worry-inducer to someone capable.  We should always add that caveat.

It’s dangerous to say that I’m trusting God on here, because I really shouldn’t lie to you.  It’s going to keep me accountable.  Also, I have a sticky note system that does that. (more on that later)


2 thoughts on “You’re a witness now.

  1. Wow…can I relate Ashley. I am the same way, if I worry, things will maybe happen faster, but yet the anxiousness for me (knots in stomach) are such a horrible feeling. Why when we know God is in control of ALL things, we put ourselves through that. The other way I have trouble putting my worries away to let God work is when I have stupidly put myself in a situation that was/is not good, then I worry because it was my mistake, had nothing to do with God and do I deserve to have God fix it? I hope that makes sense. Your blogs help me so much Ashley. They make me think a lot. Thank-you. Have an awesome Tuesday.

    PS…I know my heart does not beat until I have coffee too.

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