Sharing loads.

I’ll never understand coin-operated laundry systems.  At least, not in my dorm.  Apparently, my tuition dollars are not enough to cover the cost of laundry, so I’d better give them an extra $.75 to make up for that.

As an out-of-state student whose bank doesn’t have an ATM closer than 30 miles away from campus, I had to get a new account when I got here.  And since banks are notoriously slow in operation, I still do not have the capability to get cash.  (It’s in my near future though, fortunately!)  And since I never got around to buying a roll of quarters before I left, I am cashless.

A gracious friend of mine down the hall has been helping me out with the no-quarter issue.  We’ve done laundry together and discovered that if we’d only put our laundry into the machine it would have been a waste of money – these washers have a huge capacity.  So, we share a load and get all of our laundry done faster and for less money.

We also share other loads.



I’m not one to do this very often, and Myers-Briggs told me that it’s my personality type to bottle things up.  Not real healthy, right?  So, today, for a little while, we shared our burdens.  Turns out, we’ve got a similar weight on our backs.  And even though we can’t really figure out how to relieve the burden entirely, in some ways, simply sharing it makes it seem lighter.  Maybe it’s just the idea that we’re not carrying weight alone that makes it more bearable.

I think this is why we were made with a desire for companionship.  God, so wise, gave us people around us to share life with, to share loads with.

And not just in laundry.


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