the blessings of autumn.

One of the perks of being in college is that I only spend forced time inside while I’m in class.  Other than that, I get to choose when I want to be inside and when I want to be outside.  I don’t think I’ve had an autumn where I got to enjoy the beautiful weather this much since elementary school. Excuse me while I step outside to finish this.


Gotta love this sunshine

But I can’t see my computer screen with my sunglasses on.  Gotta adjust.

As I was saying, for the past 7 autumns, my life has been all about school and volleyball.  Both great things, but they kept me inside either a classroom or a gym until the weather got nasty.  I’m realizing that this combination of cool air and warm sunshine is to me like hot chocolate on a bitterly cold winter day.  Also known as soul comforting.

It’s the little things that make a day, isn’t it? Like having a perfect spot to sit and blog.  Like being able to get out of my dorm room and enjoy campus.  Like getting to have pasta for lunch in the cafeteria, and it was actually really good.  Like you haven’t had a sandwich or pizza yet today and are pretty happy for the diversion from normal.

Like when you get to spend half an hour in the international office talking about spending a semester abroad, hearing phrases like “perfect time to do it” and “all those credits would transfer” and “financial aid would apply” and “no, you don’t have to know the language” in conjunction with words like “South Korea” or “Sweden”.

Then your sister calls, and you get excited thinking about hosting her, like you’re a real adult or something.

It’s a beautiful day out here, and it even smells good.

I’m pretty happy to be alive and in college in Chicago today.


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