I’ve said it before, and I probably shouldn’t keep it saying it.  But I’ll say it again: the dining hall food is not like my mother’s.  I hope no one’s mother cooks like that, actually.  I appreciate that the food is readily available though.  And the people who serve it are nice and friendly.  I love the sandwich bar, and the pizza is pretty good too.  And, on special occasions, the french fries aren’t too shabby either.

It’s hard to eat a balanced diet as a veggie-o-saurus in there, though.  It’s really a meat-eaters world.  I’m not saying meat is bad to eat, just that I don’t like it, and that there are few healthy alternatives to it.  Man cannot live on salad alone, or sandwiches or pizza or french fries.  As I am now completely responsible for what I eat, I’m having to keep consciously choosing the good stuff, to make sure that my body will start craving it.

The idea is that if I just keep on eating good things (aka, even though I have a sincere love for pizza that is way beyond skin deep, to avoid it most days and also run away from the greasy french fries) like salad and salad sandwiches (the sandwich people always give me weird looks when I ask for cheddar, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and that’s it.  “no meat?” No meat.) and fruit and yogurt, then I’ll start to crave it and not even really give a second look to those things that offer temporary happiness and the freshman fifteen.

At my church this morning, the message was about Romans 13:11-14, about having a mind that is pure and that is clothed in Jesus.

There are so many worldly things to crave, and some of them are a lot more readily available than what’s good for us or more attractive at  first glance.  It’s so simple and convenient to indulge in them and to keep doing it until it no longer feels like an indulgence.   It seems like such hard, unpleasant work to fill ourselves up with Jesus until He’s all we crave.  We think we’re missing out, but it’s really replacing the things that were unhealthy with a life-giving alternative.

It’s worthwhile.  My goals this week are to 1) not eat pizza or french fries more than once and to substitute better alternatives 2) to allow Jesus to fill me up spiritually, to take time to do that.  To be clothed in Him.

It’s all for my good.


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