Post Office Lovin.

I planned to blog about the post office today because I love it so much. Really, I visit at least once every day but twice on most days.

Anyways, so I was going to blog about said love of the post office.  But then a professor was talking about poetry, and I decided to write a poem about it.

Then I locked my keys inside my dorm room and had to sit outside, waiting for my roommate to come assist me.  So I began the poem that you’ll read in a minute while sitting outside my door like a bum.  It’s not perfect by any means, and it doesn’t fully express how I feel about this place.  I think if I did fully express it though, you might never come back here again.  And I want you to be a regular visitor.  So I’ll tone it down so that you won’t think I’m too strange.

But I do really love the post office.  for real.

Not much glamour in a room

Built around cardboard, paper, and packaging tape.

Spend pocket change to dispatch your love.

Lick it.  Stick it. Send it. Receive it.

Turn the dial, left-right-left-right.

Let the bubble of hope rise up.

Past zero, back again.

Just an envelope, a note,

Paper signs of affection.

Not much glamour in a box

Made of metal, filled with papers.

You’ve got mail today,

or hope built up for some tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Post Office Lovin.

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