Rain and Boots.

I only own rain boots and an umbrella as insurance that it won’t rain.  Or, at least that would be how it seems.

This will sound like one of those I’m-never-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time statements, but it’s true.  So here goes.

When I woke up this morning, it was a lovely gray day, rain coming down at a nice pace.  I thought to myself Ah, perfect.  It’s skirt Wednesday, and I can wear my rain boots.  That’ll be a fun combination.  And I’ll take my cute umbrella to class.  Oh, how fun that will be.

I get my boots on, tromp down the stairs to go to class, and walk outside to find that in the fifteen minutes it took for me to start getting out the door, the rain has become an occasional drop.  Or maybe that was just the trees expelling their excess water.  Halfway through my first class, the sun is out and making a fool of me.

The umbrella goes in the backpack, and I head back to my dorm to put the boots back in my closet.  Put on flip-flops because it’s about to get hot again.

My first Sunday in Chicago, however, as I was walking back from church, of course it starts raining hard. I’m wearing canvas shoes – that I have just put through the washing machine – and have no umbrella with me.

The weather is against me.  Or, perhaps, I don’t know how to read it very well.  Maybe I should take meteorology.  Those clouds look like they’re about to rain.  Boot time.  Or those clouds indicate that it’s almost done raining, and the barometric pressure says that it will be sunny in about 5 minutes. No boots.

Someday I’ll get it right.

Thank goodness my success in life doesn’t depend entirely on predicting the weather well.


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