I’m just learning about myself (and a lot of other things) right and left this week.  I learned on Wednesday that I’m a kinesthetic learner primarily (and visual second). Well, you could have knocked me over with your pinky finger at that because I always thought that since I loved to read and write so much, I must be a Reader (aka type that learns primarily by reading and writing).

Shows how little I understand myself.

I thought being kinesthetic was for people who couldn’t pay attention to books, people who couldn’t sit still.  And now, I’m noticing increasingly more and more that I do actually have a pretty short attention span.  I can do hard work for about 45 minutes to an hour on a normal day, but then I need at least 5 minutes to eat a snack or blog.  (Right now, what I’m doing here?  This is a study break)

So this is the part of the day where I get down the tupperware sent in the care package from Grandma and eat a brownie.  And it will help me to get through.

Whoever said that brownies couldn’t make your day easier was a liar.  Or horribly misinformed.


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