Permission to be original.

Have you ever wanted to compare growing up to mashed potatoes? Yeah, I’ve definitely wanted to do it.  And sometimes people frown upon that. Sometimes there are the nay-sayers to creativity. No, we have to compare growing up to being a little sapling or anything else organic that matures.
Heaven forbid that we should be original and not simply regurgitate what others have deemed are the valid metaphors or word plays.
I was reminded today in class that originality is the point of writing. If you don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before, then say nothing.
So someday, perhaps I will tell you all why growing up is like mashed potatoes. And maybe it won’t be a perfect metaphor or make total sense to everyone, but it would be original.
Those are my thoughts as I sit here by this ancient washing machine in a the basement.


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