Feeling invincible.

I’m a freshman, so those words are foolishness to anyone who has ever been in college and been older than me.  The words they would say are just wait or but can you get downtown and back by yourself? or that only lasts til your first paper is due the next day and you have 8 other assignments to finish.

Sure, it’s probably true that it won’t last.  But while it does, I’m going to savor it.  That’s what this whole experience is about, right?  Living in the moment, living fully, living right, and living with purpose.

Things that have gone right today:

1. Woke up on time, had plenty of time to brew my coffee, drink it, consume the Word of God, and eat breakfast with Kathryn.

2. Found both of my classes without a hitch.  It helps that they’re in the same building.

3. Successfully mailed a package – with loose change.

4. Remembered people’s names.

5. The sun’s shining.  Right, I didn’t make that happen, but it’s going right.  And walking around with my rainbow zebra sunglasses and my backpack and girly outfit makes me feel like a real college student.

6. Took the initiative to meet my advisor and had an informative conversation.

7. Liked both of my professors and heard that one of the ones I have tomorrow is “a fine human being.”

8.Found out that my health form did make it to the health office – meaning that I don’t have to re-fill one out or make my father search madly around my room at home for it.

9. Received the best care package ever. Pictures and descriptions to follow.

10. Felt good. You can have these exact circumstances on another day and not feel good.  The day can be colored badly, a shade of gray instead of the nice combo of blues and purples I’ve been feeling.  Mellow but beautiful.

See that?  I just found out an hour ago that I need that notebook for one of my classes.  “a little pocket notebook for observations,” she said.  And, obviously, the metallic crayons are extremely welcome. The Reese’s Pieces will go in the freezer, because I’ve discovered that frozen M&M’s are better than melted ones, and I bet that transfers to Reese’s Pieces.  Naturally, the picture of the baby is my favorite part.

Today has been full of the little victories, figuring things out, taking initiative, finding out that people in the financial aid office are nice, not making a fool of myself.  Now, I foresee (because I know myself well) a day in the near future where I feel slightly less victorious, where the day has been full of minor failures.  I’ll say something stupid in class – meaning to say something totally intelligent, of course, but what will come out will not be so – or trip in front of one of the perfectly put together Swedish guys on campus.  Not that I’m interested in them, but to look uncoordinated in front of something that seems so completely coordinated would be crushing.

That will be the day where I don’t have time for lunch or know that there’s something important that I forgot to write in my planner.  It’ll bother me all day, and I won’t remember in time to do it.

Today, I say that God is good, that He has given me a good day.  I say that He is gracious to me, that He knows what He’s doing.

That day, I will need to say the same.  I will need to see that day as a reason to be thankful for the better ones.  I’ll need to understand that I wouldn’t grow into who I need to be without spending some time being uncoordinated.

Today – victory over most little things. Another day – victory over my attitude.

3 thoughts on “Feeling invincible.

  1. Have fun as you learn and remember God gave you a good brain and it can be filled with a lot of good things. Enjoy filling it up with the things you will need during your lifetime. Sometimes I wish I had gone on to college, but then I remember the reasons I didn’t and I am grateful for what God has given me over the years. A good husband, 2 sons plus their wives, 4 grandsons, 4 granddaughters and 1 great grandson. The friends along the way has been an added blessings. God is good.

  2. Love this, Ashley. Gives me a reminder of how to handle my good and bad days. Glad you day was great and very excited for you as you move along in the new part of your life. Love you.

  3. I sure enjoy your updates and your positive attitude. I’m not sure I always had that. And I know you’ll get through the hard times as well. I remember sitting in chapel and singing “Because He Lives” and thinking things weren’t as bad as I thought after all, and I know He’ll get you through as well.

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