live. move. have being.

He will be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.

Roots.  My roots go deep.

Not that I’m spectacular by any means, but I’ve got deep roots – as in deep Southern roots.

The story of how my parents ended up in Minnesota is long but simple – so basically not worth telling.  We got there.  That’s all that matters.  But they met in Texas at college.  My dad’s home state is Alabama, and my mom’s is Colorado.  Absolutely all of my family lives South now, spanning from Colorado to Oklahoma to Texas to Alabama and Tennessee.

And then there’s us, the Midwestern folks.

Those are nice roots.  I enjoy having a heritage that doesn’t include all of my family growing up in Minnesota and living there their whole lives and raising their kids there.  (though that is nothing to be ashamed of)

My most valued roots aren’t the ones with which I can trace my family around the country though.  They aren’t the genetic ones, especially since we can’t really figure out where my sister and I got our height.  They aren’t the habits that we have, the traditions that we enforce, or the way we say certain words.

It’s the values.  And how cheesy that sounds.  It’s the way I was taught to treat people and to conduct myself.  And the way I was taught that the basis (or the root, you could say) for all of the goodness and kindness and meekness is God.  That everything centers around Him.

In Him we live and move and have our being.

If living in Him and moving in Him weren’t enough, we have our being in Him.  We are because of Him.

It’s a thought that re-focuses me.  Thinking that I live and move and have my being in Jesus – or, at least, that is the phrasing that Paul uses in Acts.  I don’t know if it always describes how I live, but it certainly embodies the characteristics that I want to emulate.

live – interactions, words, thoughts

move – react to the Holy Spirit, go where I’m sent

have our being – resting in Jesus, abiding in His truth and love

I didn’t get that from like the Greek or a commentary or anything.  That’s the Ashley interpretation.  It’s what strikes me when I read that.

I would like to have all of my being in Jesus.  And I think I re-state this over and over and over again.  Because I continually find other things to be in.  Cal it spiritual ADD if you like, but I have to keep intentionally refocusing myself on this truth: in Him, I will live and move and have my being.  It’s personal now.


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