I just wanted you to know that I’m sleeping in my bed in my lime green room for the last night until October.  It’s cleaner than it’s been in months in here, partially because so much is packed, partially because I finally found homes for all the things on my floor.

I’ve been saying “goodbye”s and “see you later”s all day, but I just realized that I don’t have to say any more (until Tuesday when I say farewell to Brooke and Wednesday to my parents).  Especially not to you all.  You’re coming with me!  Praise the Lord for the internet is all I have to say.

You’re going to meet my roommate – if she will consent to it. :)  You’ll hear about the strange, wonderful, interesting, and other things that happen on campus.  You’ll hear about my adventures in downtown Chicago.  You’ll hear about what I’m pondering as I begin a new set of Bible classes and Communications classes and such.

It’s a new era for us, isn’t it?

I just wanted to share that with you, seeing how I’m saying goodbye to all these people.

Also, I spent most of my last evening at home scurrying around the house and telling my dad that it all had to fit (thank you, Daddy) in the car. So I wanted to have a few moments of reflection and peace before I leave.

I’m so glad to take my blog with me.  Some things don’t have to change or be left behind.  Thanks for journeying with me, guys.  You’re all great.


2 thoughts on “Lasts.

  1. Ashley I hope you are getting settled in a little bit. I know it will take you some time to really learn all the things you want to learn about your new home. Best of everything on your adventure. Love you..

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