An encounter with lovely.

The list of things you can buy in order to be fully prepared for college never ends.  I feel like I’ve spent the last week spending money, yet I still have more to buy.  Hot pot, water pitcher, jeans, command hooks, twinkle lights, ribbon, etc.

And if you google “what to bring to college”, you get even more ideas.

The list truly never ends.

So, I went shopping today for clothes for school.  I saved over $100 – never mind how much I spent, but it was less than I saved. There were moments of sadness, when I realized that the jeans that I tried on, loved, and would have spent the rest of my life with were not going to be friends with my wallet.  And when I realized that Anthropologie only carries things I can afford in sizes that aren’t mine.

Oh, but Anthropologie.  You certainly can’t buy happiness, but sometimes the process of buying little happy things can bring you a little bit of it.  Stores like Anthro are why it’s called “retail therapy”.

I’ll set the scene for you.

Sun is shining brightly on this crisp summer afternoon.  The air is chillier than usual for an August day, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying it thoroughly.  The clothes I bought at Ann Taylor Loft are in a big bag in the car, and I’ve just had a sad goodbye with the jeans that couldn’t come home with me.  But there’s a store down the way that beckons.  Mom says, I’ll meet you there, just let me stop in here for a bit.  She goes into the next store, and suddenly my original destination has no pull on me.  Because, directly in front of me, is a thing of beauty.


I see the ridiculously wonderful and expensive dresses and accessories in the window, and the blue doors call my name.  As soon as I step inside, I have this feeling that something in here is mine.  As though it was made with me in mind and put on major clearance with my name stamped on it.  Now, only to find what it is.

I soon realize that it’s not clothing due to that small price issue.  So I gently pick up fully priced journals, my heart skipping a beat at the beauty of them.  Such perfect colors!  Such creativity! Oh, the things I could write in them! (In all reality, I bet the other customers wanted to know what was wrong with me)

After skimming racks and almost losing hope, I see the alcove with clearance dishes and books.

And it’s love at first sight.  With a coffee cup and a book about how to decorate your house with books.

Brimming with happiness, I hurriedly brought my purchases to the front, hoping to keep myself from spending more money.  I almost laughed with giddiness as the cashier carefully wrapped each item for me and placed it in the classiest shopping bag…

It may seem silly, but at least I get pleasure out of the simple things in life.

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