Taking part and moving on.

As a new 18-year-old, I voted for the first time today.

There’s the proof.  I have the official sticker.

To be honest, I didn’t have any idea what the candidates for MN Supreme Court and County Commissioner were all about.  I just picked them based on how I felt about their names.  The Senate race is different though – I’m proud to say that I knew both of the candidates that I filled in circles for on there.

Next time I vote, I’ll do a little more research on the lower level races.  Thank goodness this is just the primary.

It’s one of those days where I feel like an adult.  True, my shirt is a glittery U of M shirt, but it has an “I voted” sticker.  And that stands for adulthood.  I had a moment of Sunday evening, driving home from church with my friends where I just felt grown-up.  I had a sense that as we say goodbye to each other this week and next week we’re leaving behind an era of our lives.

We’re stepping into something new, into the time of life where no one seriously likes Justin Bieber, we only listen to him in order to make fun of him.  We’ll make our own decisions about when and what we’ll eat, and hopefully make good enough choices and exercise enough to avoid the freshman fifteen.  We’ll wear North Face or Columbia fleece jackets, because every college student has one of those.  Our backpacks will follow us everywhere, and we’ll carry our student IDs in cute wristlets.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye to the high school stage of life, but it’s the excitement of college life, fewer classes, independence, and the newness that college brings that propels us forward.

This song describes it pretty well.



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