Forced rest.

Whoever invented getting sick? Whoever it was, I’m not a fan.  Sinus headaches and sore throats and runny noses are not my idea of a good time.  (even though I don’t mind sneezing, for some reason, just not while I’m driving)  I had plans for today, plans to keep going through my clothes (which are strewn all over my room according to their genre of clothing) and to clean the bathroom and paint.  And camp outside with my friends.  And make pretzels.

Plans just went out the window.

I should consider this a blessing. Here’s my opportunity to practice what I’ve said before: think positively, choose joy, etc.  It’s hard right now though, because even though I’d like to think positively, the thing I think with hurts.

Not a fan.

On days like these when I think I have no reason to take joy in what’s going on – in fact, when i’m quite put out about it – I need to make a list.

Reasons to be thankful/happy/not crabby

1. It could be worse. (always)

2. It will go away.

3. There are such things as Ibuprofen, Sudafed, and Mucinex.  Also juice and tea.

4. I still have an appetite!  (best part of it. at least I can eat my feelings.)

5. It forces me to rest and relax.

6. I can take a nap without feeling guilty.

There, 6 good reasons to not complain and to take this thing in stride.  If you catch me complaining, please give me something to drink and tell me to suck it up. Literally.  (If you give me a straw too that would help.) I’m going to choose to not complain today.

Even if I do feel like I got hit by a bus.

That wasn’t complaining…. that was just stating the facts of the situation.  It’s all about tone, people. All about tone.

How do you get over colds quickly? Advice is welcomed.


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