Forgetting failure.

This morning, I forgot.  And it wasn’t just a “shoot, I forgot that.”  It was one of those moments where you bolt upright in bed and get wide eyes and slap yourself for being so stupid.  And it would have been so, so easy to remember.

This is the part where I let myself off of the hook and re-commit to putting every little thing on my calendar.

I have further reason to be disappointed with myself because in my dream last night, I had a “call me maybe” moment with a 7th grade boy.  Why?  I do not know.  I don’t think about 7th grade boys much, unless there’s good reason, and I certainly don’t listen to call me maybe… unless someone does a really good spoof.  Then I watch it.

This is a learning experience for me.  The lesson learned is: don’t forget things.  Easy enough, right?  Other lesson learned: always think  twice about what time you’re setting your alarm for.  You might just need to search your brain a little harder.

Days that start like this, with failure, aren’t always the best.  In high school (so funny to say that like it’s in the past…), I often had those mornings where I pressed snooze, then 45 minutes later flew out of bed because I only had half an hour before the departure time of my car.  I usually got to school with that harried, frizzy-ponytail look and a story that explains it.  Well, you see, I slept through my alarm… it’s really not loud enough… And that’s why I look so scary. 

I have determined – even though I missed coffee with my dear friends, whom I only have a week left with before one departs for college – that I’m not going to let my failure set a bad tone for my day.  I’m going to put it behind me.  The past doesn’t have to define the present – even if the past is part of the same day – kind of like I was talking about in this post.

And in order to put that part of the day away, I’m going to spend time with Jesus and go rollerblading.  I’m going to set aside failure and make room in my mind for success.  Just like I forgot coffee, I’m going to forget my failures.

Maybe I should put those on my calendar.


One thought on “Forgetting failure.

  1. I love you, Ashley!! And once again they’re meeting next week, and I hope that I will be able to stop by on my way to Bolivar (with countless tears, of course.) Love you, and have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!!

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