Coffee within arm’s reach.

I fight a battle with my pillow and comforter every morning when my alarm goes off.  Sometimes I lose on purpose because the alarm isn’t making me get up.  But today, since I had a job to get to by 7:30, the alarm was right, the pillow was sucking my face into it, and my comforter was… well, comforting.  I left my window open last night (no more bonfires, thank you neighbors!), so my room was chilly and not really encouraging me to leave the soft warmness of my bed.

But a job and the paycheck that usually follows it was waiting for me.  So, half an hour after my first alarm went off, I defeated the covers and got up.

The con of being the first one up in my house when my dad is out of town is that there is no coffee made.  Aka, I might as well not have blood flowing in my veins for all the good that I’m going to be able to do today.  The pro is that I get to wake up slowly, without having to converse too soon after my brain realizes that it’s daytime.  I get to have a little solitude, which makes me a much happier person when the time comes for conversation.

Since it took a little longer than normal to defeat the comforter and pillow (oh, heck, what am I saying? the battle was long – but it always is.), there wasn’t enough time before my departure to get the whole coffeepot going.  There was only time to put it together and hope it made it easier on the next caffiene-deprived soul who got up.  Thus, when I backed out of my driveway in Audrey, there wasn’t a lick of caffiene in my system. Not a jot.  A drop.  Nada.  I’m not even sure if I should be operating machinery like a motorized vehicle in that state of being.  I still arrived at my destination wihtout incident, praise the Lord.  And, – further praise to God is necessary here – they have a Keurig here and plenty of K-cups full of Starbucks coffee.  and lots of creamer.

Praise the Lord.  Let my entire, now caffienated being, praise His Holy name.  Not just because He gives me coffee.

I’ve got more reasons to praise, besides the fact that I have been saved and redeemed by Him, adopted as His child.  Besides the fact that He si good.  Besides the fact that I have everything I need in Him.  Besides the fact that He forgives my every stupidity, stubbornness, irreverence, unkindness, unfaithfulness…

As I take another sip of coffee, I can think of so many more.

Here are just a few.

1) The boys I nanny went out of town this week.  And with them went my paycheck for the week.  So, needless to say, I was disappointed.  But on Saturday, I got a text.  And now I haVe income this week. I look at it as a little way that Jesus reminds me that He is in charge, that He will provide., and that my trust in Him is completely warranted.

2) Yesterday, I heard two really challenging messages in church (am and pm) that have kept me thinking.  It’s good to have thought-provoking messages – then my thoughts are provoked on a good level, on a basis of Jesus and truth.

3) Coffee is within arms reach.  This is good.  And the kids are still in bed.  This is even better.  And we will be having pizza for lunch.  BOO-YA. (can you tell that I’m waking up a bit here?)

4) The sun is shining, but it’s not hot out there.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day today.  And I have a quiet morning to appreciate it.  At least, til the kids get up.

Here’s my question for you: what are God’s little blessings on your week/day?  I’ve told you mine, now comment with yours.  There are few things more exciting than hearing how good God is.

Ready, set, go.


3 thoughts on “Coffee within arm’s reach.

  1. God’s little blessings… okay, here are a few of mine of late.
    -seeing the the look of surprise on my grandmother’s face as she looked up and recognized who had just walked up behind her (Lonnie on 1 side and me on the other) and put my arm around her at her 90th birthday party.
    – enjoying the wonder of creation and my new buddy Darrell’s bowfishing bonanza on the TN river with my Dad and brother. Darrell has a unique ministry and we were beneficiaries!
    – Good friends for over 34 yrs – aka – Vance

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