Goodbye Glitter.

I threw away my roll-on glitter, my glitter face paste, my sticky glitter for your eyes, and some sequins gel that is supposedly makeup.

Because I was continuing The Purge, and I figured that real adults 1) do not use that kind of stuff on their faces and 2) do not keep that kind of thing under their sink just because they think they might need it someday. Mature adults have little use for facial glitter.

I also got rid of earrings shaped like peace signs and stars. And I threw away a whole bunch of 3/4 used up travel toothpaste tubes.

I cleaned out under my sink and made it…. usable!  For years and years and years, it’s been a place of terror for me, a phenomenon that no amount of cleaning or reorganizing could make better.  But today, I realized that the key was getting rid of the things that had been sitting in the same spot for those years and years and years without even being thought of. (Some things were thought of, but I lacked the time or resolve to dig for them.)  I took out a very full bag of things that I won’t miss – actually, I can hardly remember what I put in there, besides the glitter – out to the garbage can, and tomorrow, the garbage man will take it away.

Thank you, Garbage Man, for helping me to get rid of my clutter.

So now I can put my face wash and contacts and makeup products under the sink while they’re not being used and thus make myself a better bathroom-sharer.  Isn’t that what we all want to be?

This will be my 197th post, so we’re nearing 200, people.

Since we celebrated this blog’s first birthday on June 27th (you didn’t even know that’s why you were so happy that day, did you?) and I’m nearing 200 posts – which is a significant milestone for me – I have some ideas.  Weigh in and tell me what you think.

1) Submit your suggestions for 200th post topics in the comments section on this post.

2) Share one or two or more of your favorite posts on facebook, or with a friend who you think might enjoy it.  Or give our URLs to strange people on the street.  Basically, spread the word!

3) Tell me what you think we should all do to celebrate.


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