Tuning in.

I don’t really understand how radio waves work.  But for some reason, there are two stations on my radio dial that don’t come in very clearly early in the morning or on potentially rainy days or in a small section of the road I take to work.  If you would care to explain this to me, that would be great.

One of these stations vacillates between good music and country music… which I dislike with a passion.  It’s like I can’t just tune into the good stuff when one of those three things is keeping me from having a clear signal. So I’m singing along to the worship music this morning, and some twangy man singing about his dog or his woman or his beer keeps piping in.

I really didn’t care to hear about any of those things, much less care to hear his twang.  I know there are tons of people who appreciate country music, but I just can’t be one of them.

It just reminded me of how I live sometimes.  That I don’t always stay in places and situation that keeps me tuned in with Jesus.  That I forget that it’s not that Jesus FM has a bad signal, it’s that light and darkness can’t coexist.  That when I venture out of light I lose signal.  Even though I might not actually want to listen to the country music that butts in, I’ve gone to places where I know it will.  I’ve made my radio signal weaker than it should be.

I’d like to keep the good stuff coming in clear.


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