Another small victory.

Today is the day of small victories.

I couldn’t find the muffins this morning (one of which I had already taken a bite out of yesterday – so I’m a little disturbed to find that someone else might have eaten it), but I could find the peanut butter and chocolate and oatmeal no-bake cookies.  That was a victory for my taste buds.

Another small victory is that I am finally nearing the end of the long list of thank you notes that I have needed to finish for the past two months.  There is a stack of envelopes bearing pretty stationary and thanks for graduation gifts at my feet.  And I’m proud to say that I’ve been making checkmarks next to people’s names on my list all day.

So today I have fought food choices and to-do lists and won these small battles.

I think it’s really important to win the little battles in life, to gain confidence from them and recognize them as victories in order to tackle the bigger battles.  (Another small victory, Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Dock of a Bay just came on shuffle.) It’s like I gain a little ground by being faithful to take care of the small things that I can (thank you notes, putting away my clean laundry) and start to feel like I could do a little more.

Productivity is a game I play with myself.  I’ll just be honest here.

Other games I play with myself: how fast can I reach 3,000 tweets (I’m 29 away, thank you very much), how many green lights can I hit before the red/yellow lights foil my plans, how sane can I stay while still being social.

And the next challenge for today is, can Ellen and I make a gluten-free pie crust without it falling apart or tasting strange?


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