If you’re sick then…

I heard one of the most profound statements tonight at church: “If you’re sick, then you need to barf.”

Granted, this man wasn’t talking about if you have a cold or something.  He’s not a doctor, so if you’re feeling bad, don’t feel as though you need to toss your cookies just yet.

It got me thinking about the nature of that statement.  Which is really that nasty doesn’t belong inside of us.

When you’re sick and you have a virus or you’ve eaten something that really didn’t agree with you (like we’re talking a blowout argument in your tummy), then the disagreeable stuff needs to come out.

I hope I’m not grossing you out.  I thought I’d refrain for putting pictures in today since no one likes to watch people lose their lunches or dinners or breakfasts or midnight snacks.

It absolutely fits with what I know about myself and life though.  When I have sin in my life, the worst thing I can possibly do is keep it inside of me, where it festers and makes me feel guilty and gains a place in my heart so that I’m less likely to do what God wants me to do.  I need to throw up my sin.  Also known as confession for people who don’t need vivid visual aids to help them understand truth.  (in case you didn’t know, I’m one of those people.  Visual…  definitely.)

If you have a secret that is burning your insides up, making you want to tell someone.  I ate 6 cookies for breakfast this morning.  

If you have pain, it eats you up inside.  We were meant to let that out.  We weren’t created to have nasty inside of us.  Nasty includes the literal, as well as sin, darkness, pain, bitterness, shame, fear…  Even if it seems like it makes it more real, more legitimate, to let it out, we simply must.

I’m learning this bit by bit.  And I’m learning that there are only some people that will accept being thrown up on, figuratively or literally.  Jesus is always on the top of that list.

“If you’re sick, you need to barf.”   I’m gonna hang on tight to that one.


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