Maybe not matching.

It seems to me that maybe pretty much always means no. – Jack Johnson

Do you ever have those moments where suddenly you know exactly what the words are to that phrase you’ve always just kind mumbled “ma-ma-ba-la-choo” along to when it came on the radio?  You might know every other word, but that one little part has just never quite come in clear.  But now you know exactly what they’re saying, it makes the entire song either make sense or take on a whole nuther meaning. (yes, I know it should be “another whole” instead of “whole nuther”… but this is one grammatical incorrectness that I’m not giving up without a big fight.  a blowout.  WHOLE. NUTHER.)

Well, that line seen at the top of this here post was that one for me today.  And that got me thinking, does ‘maybe’ actually mean ‘no’?

So I thought about that on the way to the bowling alley while the boys playing their Nintendo DS games in the backseat.

Does maybe mean no?  Well, what context are we talking about here.  Are we talking about my response when someone asks if I would want to go watch someone consume copious amounts of raw meat, and I feel the need to be polite and not refuse vehemently right away?  Or are we talking about when I just don’t know if something that I think would be great is possible?  Because there’s “maayyybbeee.”  and then there’s “oh, yeah, maybe.”  (If you didn’t know, the second one is the one that actually has a true maybe meaning.)

So I’m thinking about how I use ‘maybe’ and wondering if possibly I need to use ‘maybe’ less.  Be a little clearer.  Less ambiguous.

Also, for some reason, I was thinking about un-matching clothing.  And now I have absolutely no idea where that came from.  Oh, yes, I remember now.  I saw a picture on facebook of a bookshelf where the books were all one of four colors, and they were in a perfect, repeating pattern.  It just struck me how un-lifelike that is.

this isn’t the one I saw, but look at that. How did they find all their favorite books with white bindings and covers???

I’ve gotten this feeling lately that uniformity has become a value among many classy people of our world today.  That everything needs to match.  We marvel when everything is coordinated.

I like matching, to some extent. But you know what I mean, like when you walk into someone’s house and immediately feel like you’ve stepped into a model home or Barbie’s Dream House?  I won’t bash matching things, because I definitely have my days where I just really need to have everything I wear be perfectly coordinated, but isn’t there some beauty in having things be lifelike?

Or maybe a lot of beauty?

I guess I just like this because my room’s still on it’s way to being organized.  There’s probably a lot of value in having things match all the time.

Creativity isn’t organized, right?  And you can’t be put together everywhere, right?  I can’t have both my mind in order and my room.  I think my mom gets this pretty well about me. Or course, when I was younger I was told to clean my room frequently.  And there were checks to make sure it was done well.  But now my mom simply applauds my attempts at organization and doesn’t comment very often on how hard it is to walk in my room.  Family is great, because they understand that you have good intentions.

Maybe you need to match and have your room all put together.  That’s okay. In fact, that’s great.  You can probably actually have people come into your room and stuff on occasion.

Thank goodness we’re all different.  And God can use us all.

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