A few of my favorite things.

Meet the latest addition to my list of favorite things: the filtered camelbak.

I’m still trying to decide whether or not it’s name-worthy.  I don’t have criteria for deciding whether or not an inanimate object will receive a name or not.  Thoughts on that?

I have a pretty long list of favorite things and people, I’ve realized.  I try to refrain from saying, “oh, that’s my favorite!” all the time, but, alas, I have made a long list over the years.  I think, today, I’m going to be like Oprah and talk about my favorite things… and people.  But don’t expect that you “audience members” will be receiving one of everything – even though I would love to reward you for your faithful (or one-time, or occasional) readership of this blog.

And I’m not just going to list them for the sake of telling you, but maybe so that it’ll be helpful to you someday.

My favorite things and people:

1. Salt.  Brooke and I have concluded that the things that keep us coming back to certain foods (chips, pistachios – her, not me-, popcorn, cheese, etc) are not those foods in themselves, but rather the high salt content. Maybe not the best one for you, but salt is a great thing.

2. Camelbaks.  Because not only do they make you drink 24% more water than you would if you had a regular water bottle, but they don’t require hands!  You can just bite and sip and keep typing… as long as you have decently strong jaws.

3. The BLB app. Blue Letter Bible.  Probably the only thing that I don’t like about my android is that this app isn’t on the market.  If you have an iPhone and want to read the Bible on it (and have commentaries, tons of versions, the ability to highlight, make notes, and so much more right at your fingertips), you need this app.  Also, it’s FREE.  And we all know that the best things in life come free.

4. Free on iTunes and New Music Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday there’s a whole new slew of free songs and music videos in a few different categories on iTunes.  Indie spotlight, discovery download, latino… Sometimes they come from people you’ve heard of, and sometimes it’s a great new band that you never would have discovered otherwise.  But it’s always free and it’s always fun to hear something new.  Funny story about this:  Before Justin Bieber became a real sensation, a music video of his was free when I went on to check them out.  So, naturally, I downloaded it.  When this little boy with a high voice who was singing about love (which I didn’t think he knew squat about… not that I’m an expert either) came on the screen, I laughed.  And I deleted it.  And when my friends said they really liked this new guy and I made the connection, I was a little bewildered.  And now he’s a millionaire, so obviously someone likes him.  Some millions of someones.

5. Family.  I really like my family.  And I’m sure I’d like yours too. I’ve realized as I grow older that pretty much everyone has dysfunctionalities (apparently not a real word according to the dictionary installed in Matilda… well, whatever) in their families.  what really matters is if they’re central or secondary. My dad days umbrella wrong.  But he always laughs at my jokes like I really came up with a good one and always will get up at 4 in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving to go Black Friday shopping with me, even if he doesn’t actually end up buying anything.  To my mom and my sister, the joke about “hey, we’re having steak tonight… WANT SOME???  *big grin*” never gets old.  But my mom has always been able to offer me perspectives that I don’t have on my own, and she shares her brain with me (literally.  We’ve discovered that we share a brain.  joint custody deal here).  And she’s never forced me to simply eat what everyone else is eating, like the steak.  And Brooke keeps her complaints about my messiness in our shared bathroom mostly to herself. And we just find common ground around ever corner.

6. Going to bed before 11.  And that’s why this list will be continued later.

Brooke’s singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” right now. So that’s a sign that we all need some sleep.  Good night, folks.


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