Going international. and to the driveway.

Today’s an exciting day because we get to have lots of pictures in this post.  Also, it’s exciting because someone in India and someone in Russia saw my blog today! (I hope it was one of the people I know in India.)  Just FYI, if you read a post of mine and you are in another country, PLEASE comment.  It would be so neat to hear from you and to know how you came to find my musings.

Also, if you’re just a regular Joe or Josephine in America who has something to say, go ahead and comment.

Other ways Ashley’s going international:

1. I’m praying for two very special people who are going on their last of three weeks serving God in Uganda.  And also missing them and feeling jealous of the Ugandan people for getting to be with them and jealous of them for getting to be with the Ugandan people.

2. Some of the jewelry that I make is going to Australia to be sold to support another ministry!  So it’s doubly supporting ministries, which is really cool.

That’s all the international-ness I have to share for today, but I’m serious about you international readers – I see that people from other countries have been here and freak out.  And then I have a huge list of questions that I want to ask, beginning with “can I come visit you?”

I spent some time sweating outside today in the 90+ degree heat by choice.  Because last night as I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to claim me, I had a hankering to chalk my entire driveway.

Me and my grandiose ideas. The mental picture had my driveway covered from edge to edge with swirls and flowers and beauty.

Well, I didn’t end up chalking over every inch of my driveway, but I did end up (drumroll please…) PAINTING my driveway.

Yes, I made paint.

out of 1/4 cup of cornstarch and 1/4 cup of water and about 4-5 drops of food coloring.  but that wasn’t enough to cover very much space. And it was pretty watery, so I added lots of cornstarch.  and stirred vigorously.

and grabbed my new brushes from Cub and went outside to begin the fun.  Then went back inside to get the cornstarch and water and food coloring and Matilda so that I could make more paint and have tunes to go with it.

Yep, that’s the sun… with a strange shadow over half of it.  Three different shades of yellow went into that baby.

Eventually I realized that it was going to take more than the rest of the day to finish painting pretty things on the driveway like the flowers I finished painting with my hands (the brushes just didn’t do the job efficiently).  So I splatter painted the rest… and myself…

It was a beautiful time.  And when I finally took my cornstarch-paint-covered self back inside, I did not smell beautiful.  But my driveway is the most lovely in the neighborhood – and probably the most juvenile.

oh well.  Don’t we all have those days where we just need to re-live some childish things?  Most of the time I do that because I don’t have very clear memories of doing it the first time.  Memory is a funny thing, how it takes pictures and saves them for later but then those pictures blur and fade after a while.  Or sometimes after a few minutes.

I’m convinced that the sun has the ability to melt out part of your brain so that you forget things and feel like a blob on hot, sunny days.

Purge update:  I took a bunch of hangers out of my closet that I wasn’t using and put them on the floor outside my closet!  One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.




One thought on “Going international. and to the driveway.

  1. Hey Ashley, are you already reverting to childhood? I thought that only happened to us older folks. Seriously, I know how you feel sometimes. Papa Mc and I were talking the other day about when your dad and Uncle Lonnie were kids. We used to go to the creek on hot days and we all played in the water. Of course we didn’t have airconditioning back then.. That’s what I have been feeling like doing a lot lately with all the heat we have had. When Bryar and Ridge came and stayed in the summer that’s what I did a lot with them. We had a lot of fun and boy was that TN water cold. It would have been even more fun if you and Brooke could have come and had the fun with us. I think it helps us to remember childhood things from time to time because it helps keep our lives in balance. Too many serious things have a tendency to take us down and there are a lot of serious stuff going on in our communities and world. We can only do what we can and let God take care of the rest. Sounds like your jewelry making is helping in a lot of good ways. Keep up the writing and keep having fun in your life. Love you..

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