Heat brain, defined.

The heat has struck Minnesota.  So Heat Brain (a little-known medical condition that I made up) has hit us all.

Heat Brain : (noun) a condition caused by temperatures higher than ninety, paired with ridiculous humidity.  Symptoms include blank staring, sweating profusely, and/or having a major freakout that the towel that your babysitter is using to dry you off with after you got out of the pool doesn’t have a hood.

For me, it’s mostly the blank staring and sweating and commenting.

If you have this disease, Dr. Ashley would first recommend a large bottle of water, probably a couple gallons drunk over the next few hours.  Also, don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to.  And make sure you have ice cream somewhere near by.  Take cold showers and dump water over your head repeatedly if you are forced to be outside.  Don’t worry about being judged; your fellow sufferers will understand and join you, most likely.

Confession: I just sat and stared at the first three paragraphs after writing them for about five minutes, without any clue of what to write next.  Yep, I’ve got it too.  I’m going to go do my best to cure this with watermelon and java chunk ice cream while watching Downton Abbey in the coolest part of my house.


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