The Purge.

This is the day, the one I’ve been dreading/anticipating happily/motivated/unmotivated for since I started thinking about college.


The Purge: (proper noun) the time in a young girl’s life where she feels the need to root out disorganization and unnecessary items from her humble abode (also known as her bedroom).  The Purge requires many days, weeks, and/or months to complete as it skips no drawer, leaves no shelf untouched, and aims to downsize possessions and clutter in an attempt to be ready to leave home at the end of August.

So, today I began The Purge.  It has humble beginnings, but I already have half a garbage bag of things that came from piles that have been sitting in various places in my room for a year at minimum.

Here I am, about to begin the purge.

I look happy, right? ready to start work?

Well, here’s how I really feel. are you kidding me? I’m selling my soul to this organizational project?

And here is what I will look like when it is all done.  it will take an enormous toll on me, I’m sure.

I’m a sentimental person.  I see that calculus test where I finally got a score to be proud of, and I want to keep it.  Previously, it was siting in one of the eight or so piles around my room. Now, it has a happy home in a folder, and lots of his paper buddies from the same pile are in this lovely white garbage bag.

You’re probably feeling pretty good about your cleanliness right about now.  I’m looking around at my room at all these absurd things I’ve saved, and I’m just too embarrassed to list any of them for you.  So, I’ll just sum it all up with the fact that The Purge is much needed.

Goals for The Purge:

1) Never forget to make the words The Purge bold while blogging about said task.

2) Have a room with organization that I will be proud to photograph and display online.

3) Get rid of at least three trash bags of things and consign at least 1/4 of my clothing. (I can safely make that goal because I have no idea how to calculate 1/4 of my clothing.  Some are smaller than others and some are staples so they should count for more….  it’s complicated.)

The Purge has begun, folks.

And it needs to be more than just my room.  I need to purge my life as well, as I’m sure we all do from time to time.  There’s the daily forgiveness purge, the renewal that has to happen each day in order to have a real relationship with God, but then there’s the deep cleaning.  It’s not just repenting of sin; it’s taking a good hard look at who I’ve become since I last looked in the mirror and asking myself if I like it.  If God likes it.  If it’s worth continuing down that path.

Most of the time when I do this, I realize I missed a turn a little bit ago, and I’m headed in a direction that isn’t most favorable.  Or maybe I’ve taken a wrong turn and need to get back to my original path.

Funny how I rarely find that I’m right on track.

I think that might be the nature of being human.  I might be “there” with personal hygiene (you have no idea how many times a day I wash my hands), but my neatness is lacking at times.

It’s like those sound balancing things. You know what I’m talking about?  how you can change the bass and the treble and balance it out so that it sounds right?  You just slide one lever up and slide another one down.

Balance.  Re-evaluation.  Purging.  Renewal.  These are my sumer themes, I believe.


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