Something to blog about.

I took a test yesterday to see how hipster I was.  (just in case you’re wondering, my results were 55%, “trying too hard”.)

Google images result for hipster: 

I’m not sure if that was disappointing or not.  I think I’m pretty unique.  I mean, no, I don’t bike to work (it’s like 13 miles, uphill both ways, with lots of traffic… and I also don’t have a bike – though I do have some really well-loved rollerblades) and I don’t own a record player (though that would be so cool.  I wish I had the affluence to sell all my CD’s and my iPod and stereo in exchange for everything on vinyl and 8-tracks, but I really can’t afford that).  And I do love my macbook, which is probably not hipster at all.

But I do yoga sometimes.  And I have a blog (you’re reading it).  And I love taking pictures.  And hanging out in Uptown Minneapolis with all the real hipsters. I spend a lot of time learning about social justice and reading classic writers and listening to Cities 97 and a whole bunch of people you might have never heard of – and might not ever hear of.  And I play guitar.  and a little ukelele (thanks to my grandma).  Apparently I say “pajamas” differently than every one else in Minnesota.  And I continue to name all my significant inanimate objects even when people give me derisive comments about it. HAH.

But you might be a lot more hipster than me.  If you own a bike, you already have points I don’t have.

I might be just fine with not being a total hipster. Because, honestly, you’ll never catch me wearing that guy’s poncho thing in that picture – unless it’s a costume contest, in which case, IT’S ON! – and I will never dread my hair.  Ever.

Maybe that quiz wasn’t really questioning the right things.  It was asking me how I like my jeans to fit (like a soccer mom, in case you were wondering) and how I listen to my music.  But I thought the definition of a hipster was that there isn’t a definition, no “hipster” way to wear your jeans.  It’s basically people just paving their own paths, not caring what other people think, not being afraid to be different and set their own trends.  It’s like the epitome of being post-modern.

maybe the label doesn’t really matter and won’t affect how I live.

Yeah, that’s it.


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