It’s about time, right?

Since I haven’t really updated the look of this here blog for quite a while, I decided that today was makeover day.

So, I got out my brushes and put my thinking cap on.  I’ve been wanting to change my site name for a while now to something in English that more people can understand.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a rather devoted Switchfoot fan, and I have been for about 9 years now. I love how much meaning their songs have, how each album is better than the last one (even though that one was great), and how simply sitting and listening to their music often confuses me and makes me think.

I like it when things aren’t easily figured out, when people don’t just lay out the meaning for you.  Sometimes I feel like the world spoon-feeds me ideas, meaning, principles, and that I just swallow them.

“Stop” on those red octagons – I know exactly what that means.  And that’s good.  It’s good that it’s direct since traffic needs direction.  But when we’re talking about ideas and innovation and changing the world – I think we need a little bit more room for people to get the gist, put in their two cents, and emerge with a better idea.

That said, the whole purpose for mentioning Switchfoot was to give credit where credit is due – Journey to Who I Want to Be comes from the challenge they offer in their album, The Beautiful Letdown, “This is your life; are you who you want to be?”

Every time I hear that, it’s a reminder to check myself.  Not only, am I who I want to be, do I have reputation that I want to have, but am I someone that God is proud to put his signature on?

Those moments of reflection aren’t U-turns.  It isn’t a moment where I think of who I want to be and who I am, compared side by side, and mentally highlight the things that I need to do differently.  No, it’s more of a meandering.  I wish I could U-turn sometimes, since that’s the more direct route to where I’m going, but the extra-long journey helps me to shape and mold the image of who I should be in a more complete way.  Like all those times that I’ve taken a wrong turn while driving or missed my turn.  I end up seeing a neighborhood or cornfield or a stretch of highway or row of shops that I’ve never seen before.  Sometimes it changes my destination, and sometimes it changes how I’ll get there next time.  And sometimes it simply changes how I feel about the place I mistakenly encountered.

Either way, life really is about the journey.  So, thanks for being here – whether you’re a long-time companion, a one-time visitor, or the occasional drop-in.  I’m glad to have you here.


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