A new name.

The object formerly known as “my laptop” has now been christened with her own name (and gender to go along with it).

Everyone, I present to you, my good and dear new friend, Matilda.

*golf claps*

There are only good connotations with that name in my mind.  The book, Matilda, by Roald Dahl, was an innovative and brilliant children’s book, and the movie version did the book justice.  I’m pretty sure there was a maid in a book or movie I encountered named Matilda too, and I’m fairly certain she was a nice, non-central character.

Funny how names always carry feelings with them.  Like when I hear the name Rinnie (not often as you might imagine, but similar sounding words can do that same for me), the connotation is of a girl in my class in first grade.  I didn’t particularly like her – not that I disliked her, but she was in a different group and seemed a little strange to me – and when she left our school I wasn’t devastated.  Then, after a rather short period of time, she came back.  People were hugging her and getting excited about her return.  And I hugged her and acted thrilled to have her back.  I might have even jumped up and down a little and smiled really big.

Maybe I actually was thrilled.  But when I remember that day, I can’t remember whether I hugged her to conform to the pattern of my classmates or if I felt bad that there weren’t many people who were glad to see her back.

Oh, how I’d love to think it was the second, that I was the noble first grader who acted in love and made a girl who was a little bit on the fringe of our little society in Miss V’s room feel welcome again.

I wish I could go back to those days, to any day where I had a chance to break the mold of distance and barriers.  I wish I could be the one to break down walls, to act in courage so that people could feel loved.

I wish my name reflected that.  Ashley.  For some reason, in novels and movies, it’s always a snotty, rich girl who is popular but not because of kindness or charisma.


Gonna be breaking some molds here.  I got my roommate assignment today, and I think my roommate’s name (in addition to her address and phone number, all I was provided with) makes her sound nice.  I hope she doesn’t see my name and think uh, oh.  I got stuck with a brat.

Breaking the mold, people, breaking the mold.


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