Writing their stories: Bunny, in contrast with the real animals of the San Diego Zoo

I have a very short list of animals that I like, and I’m sure I wouldn’t like any of them wild.
As of yesterday, the list looked like this:
1. Bunnies
2. A few furry pets but only because they are cute and belong to other people.
As of this afternoon, these have been added:
3. Koalas
4. Baby jaguars
If you would like to buy me a stuffed version of either of those I would not refuse.
My dad and I spent a lovely day at the San Diego Zoo today, which beats the pants off any zoo I’ve been to in Minnesota. image
The animals were all outdoors, there were palm trees around, and I got to admire a whole bunch of animals from a distance, the way I like them.
I learned a bit about animals, and I also learned that painted lines on asphalt can be slippery when they’re on a hill. Be careful, people.
The animals and I kept our distance from each other, but I was very complimentary of most of them, so we’re on good terms.
I’m just on better terms with stuffed animals.

I may have already mentioned this story, but I have a very special friend. We met in Macy’s (before it was Macy’s; it was still Marshall Fields then) in second grade. I was there to buy an Easter dress with my mother, but I looked up at the shelf and saw this beautiful, big, fluffy, purple bunny. And I didn’t want an Easter dress anymore. I wanted that bunny.
My mom, however, didn’t come to Marshall Fields to buy a large, purple bunny. But when my grandma came into town and told me I could pick one thing I wanted for my birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted.
I wanted that bunny. And I named it in the most original way possible.
First name: Purple
Surname: Bunny
Over time, his name has been shortened to Bunny. He has been all over the US, to Panama, Costa Rica, and he’s played many roles in my life: confidant, plaything, snuggle buddy, etc. He’s been drooled on, cried on, and even gone through the washer and dryer multiple times.
You can’t send a real bunny through the washing machine in a pillowcase.
Bunny is here with me now, and he’d like to say a few words about himself:

Wasn’t that profound?


Well, there’s my Bunny for you.


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