Writing my story: Bro-Am

I bet you’re wondering what a bro-am is. I was wondering the same thing, and when I saw the tweet that Switchfoot was having one in Encinitas, my only reaction was “cool, can we go?”
My mom thought I said “pro-am”, so she thought we were talking about golf, but the website said surfing, so I assumed that bro-am was the official term for a surfing contest.
Nope, bro-am isn’t anything official. It’s switchfoot-ese. And it means that you go to a beach with a bunch of other people to watch surfing and watch your favorite band play and buy t-shirts that support Stand Up For Kids and TWLOHA and buy Ultimate Ears and win a UE tanktop for knowing Switchfoot lyrics. (I knew that would come in handy someday!)
And then you crowd in with a top of other people on the sand and get super excited when you see Jon, Tim, Andrew, Chad, and Jerome come out onstage. And you beam at your family saying, “I’M SO HAPPY!”, and they look back like we’re happy that you’re happy, sweetie. And you sing your lungs out even though you’re not really around other people who know these songs by heart (why not, people?). Then you dig your toes in the sand and wave your arms when they tell you to, and you cheer loudly whenever you can – because you’re so happy.
And it’s even better because it’s benefitting a great cause – helping to end the cycle of homelessness for kids, offering them hope. And isn’t that one of the best gifts you can give someone?
By the end of all of this you’ve realized that it’s a play on words – bro-am. Like brotherhood, like loving your community. And it happens to include a surfing competition. And the band that you’ve loved since 4th grade. For nine years. Which is half of your life. And you just know that this music is going to continue to be meaningful to you because the messages are so pertinent and real and challenging. Because it’s about fighting apathy, living as an extension of God’s love, about being more than our society expects you to be.
And I like that. Couple all of that with incredible and ingenuitive musical talent and you have (da-da-DA!) my favorite band, Switchfoot.
And that is my story, of an almost perfect day which also included about an hour and a half of sun at the beach, discovering a cool coffee joint, buying a yellow belt for $5, and watching my family eat the barracuda that he caught that morning (no joke, but do you know how many jokes you can make about barracuda? Brooke wandered around going “CUDA” in a low voice for about half an hour, and we named the fish Barry, and my mom came up with BARBECUDA!).
almost perfect day. And I planned just about none of it, so thank you, Jesus.

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