Writing their stories: the cupcake place

We’re gonna scoot on over to Disneyland tomorrow, my mother says, since we found a scooter in the front closet of the house we are renting.
This place is the epitome of a beach house since we have a grapefruit tree in the front yard and a real, honest-to-goodness ocean just half a block down the street. And there are buckets and beach towels in the front closet along with the beach towels, which just adds to the validity.
At the first sign of sunshine (marine effect, more clouds closer to the ocean. I told someone about that, and they didn’t believe me… Google it, buddy.), the female part of my family hurriedly donned swimsuits, grabbed Tommy Bahama beach chairs, and scrambled down to the sand to catch some rays.
Two and a half hours elapsed before we knew it – maybe little faster for my mom and I since we were comfortable. Brooke was freezing for some reason, even though we’re sitting two feet away from each other. Dinner was grilled and consumed, and soon there was a need for chocolate.
This is where the cupcake place comes in.

Yep, you did read that sign right.
Anyways, our little sugar-seeking clan entered the store to be greeted by a 20 something who really knew his cupcakes. I have no idea what his name was or exactly how he happened to get where he is today, but here’s speculation.
Trevor is 23 years old, and he’s actually a millionaire. Well, he and his brother are. They were child stars on Barney (I know you always wondered who those kids were too and what happened to them. Or maybe you were fortunate enough to never have seen Barney), and they were allowed control over their own fortune at the age of 18.
So, what do two young men do with a large fortune? Good question. The answer is: make it bigger. And they thought the way to do that would be to start a sensational cupcake shop in La Jolla.
Trevor is the business/marketing side of the operation, and his brother is the pastry chef. (he’s not as good-looking, so they keep him in the back room turning raw ingredients into marvelous cupcakes.) His dream is to return to show biz by having a show about their business on TLC.
That would also help speed up the fortune-expanding process.
So there you have it: Trevor of the cupcake place.
To come tomorrow: the guy who plays Mickey at Disneyland.

3 thoughts on “Writing their stories: the cupcake place

  1. Ashley: I really enjoy reading your blog. After all, my degree is in journalism (with a specialty in radio and tv production). I even signed on to create my own blog on wordpress…now just to regularly contribute…that will be the challenge.
    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

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