Stranded motorcycles and being settled.

In the past week, I have seen three motorcycles on the side of the road (twice on a highway, once just on one of those county roads). Just sitting. No one is around, and there doesn’t seem to be any explanation for their presence.
They are stranded. One of them was stranded by a bridge, on a hill in really tall grass. Another one just on the shoulder next to a field of cows. The third, parked right next to a walking path as though it was about to drive straight through the path and across the road.
I have no idea why there’s been such a sudden influx of stranded motorcycles. I wonder why they’re there, and if anyone is coming back for them. And by what mode of transportation their owners will come back.
Oh, the random things we see day to day.
I bet if those motorcycles could speak, they’d be ready to get home. They miss the comfort of the garage. They would like to know that they’re not going to have to stay in their present state of abandonment and chaos forever.
I think I know how those motorcycles feel, in a way. (prepare yourself for what might be a stretch of a metaphor)
Sometimes, I want to be done with transition mode. I’d just like to be transitioned. As much fun as it can be to be on my way somewhere unfamiliar – or stuck somewhere I don’t know, who could become familiar in time but isn’t yet – I would rather already be there.
I long for life teleportation. You’d like to skip all the transitions and growth that brings you to a place in life where you’re married, settled in a house somewhere with a degree and a flexible job so you can raise your three or more children? Okay, step right up to this machine. You’ll be there in no time.
Maybe it wouldn’t really be that nice, to just experience all the benefits and outcomes of growth rather than actually going through it.
Maybe, just maybe, all of life includes growing – to some extent, perhaps not as concentrated as high school and college -, that you’re never really done and settled. Or maybe sometimes we are, but we shouldn’t be.
Maybe high school and all the changes it brought in me, in my surroundings, in my relationships, in my future, just wore me out. And maybe I need summer vacation.
I think that’s it.
I’ll let you know if I still feel this way 6 months from now.

3 thoughts on “Stranded motorcycles and being settled.

  1. I have a fondness for motorcycles and would agree with you that those abandoned two wheel machines most likely want a safe garage to sleep in. Regarding transitions, I have found those times in my like that was transitioning were some of the most fun, adventurous and self fulling times of my whole life. For me its when I am on Solid Ground, do I find trouble lurking.

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