Can’t go over it.

We’re goin’ on a bear hunt.  Gonna catch a big one.  I’m not afraid.  Are you?  Not me! ….Oh no!  it’s a big puddle of mud!  Can’t go over it.  Can’t go under it.  We have to go through it!

Life is a lot like going on a bear hunt.  We can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it, can’t use our jetpacks to power through.  We just have to walk, trudge, run, or swim our way through whatever type of landscape comes our way.  So, the only antidote to such a problem is to make brownies.

Well, obviously there are other antidotes, but chocolate and peanut butter in a delicious fudgy form are rather helpful.  So, I pulled out the cookbook entitled Chocolate this afternoon (rather appropriately, I thought) and searched for the recipe that could be made quickly so that I could take it to a gathering I am attending this evening.  As this is a small gathering, I picked the small -batch recipe.

And commenced to combine some of the most delicious things in the world together.

You wanna know what that is?  It’s BUTTER and COCOA POWDER.  aka, COCOA BUTTER.  Not the kind that is in those fabulous lotions, but the kind that is in a pan on my stove giving off a heavenly scent that I wish was transferrable over the internet. Really, this kind of a glorious scent should be shared.

Other things that should be shared: life, experiences, popcorn at movies (it’s just horrible to be that person who is sitting next to the buttery deliciousness without being able to partake), struggles, victories, hugs, and perspectives.

And brownies.

And the pictures that came out of the making of these brownies.  And the recipe, if you ask nicely for it.  I adapted it a little because I have a hard time following directions without changing them.

It’s very fitting that brownies help us through life, because they illustrate life very well.  In fact, just about any baked good does.  I would never want to eat flour or baking powder on its own.  And I am even loathe to consume cocoa powder without sugar and some sort of liquid with it.  I don’t eat raw eggs, although I know that some people do.  I’ll respect that choice – but I’ll shudder and make gagging noises if you ever do it in front of me.

I might consume vanilla extract without something else, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.  And I think that life is a lot like that.  I wouldn’t want all the bitter or raw experiences without the sweet ones as well.  And some experiences make others more manageable or more pleasant.  Some of them explain why others had to happen.  Or give an idea of what the end product is going to look like.

I hope my end product looks like brownies.  I hope that it’s pretty and put-together and gives off a great aroma.


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