Just in case you’re wondering what my perfect day would look like.

Today will probably not be a perfect day. That’s mostly because I have to do laundry, also partly because I have never had a perfect day (even though there are a few select days that stand out as pretty darn good on my list). But, if I were to have a perfect day, this is probably what it would look like.
Around 8:00 in the morning, I wake up without an alarm clock in a little quaint cottage on the beach. The sun is already up, and the waves are crashing on the shore. Because I also have a perfect little life to go along with this perfect day, this is my house, and it’s somewhere on a coast of America. And I live here half the year and write and spend the other half traveling so I have stuff to write about. And there is a little porch with a comfy chair where I will sit in solitude for about an hour with coffee, raspberry chocolate chip muffins, and my Bible. This whole day has a peaceful, contented feeling to it. That adds to the perfection.
Then, around 10, after I have gone for a job/walk on the beach (in this fantasy, I also like running… Why not go all out if I’m going to imagine something?) and put on a dusty rose colored sundress (did I ever mention that eventually I will get rid of 90% of my pants and just wear skirts and dresses? Yep. It’s happening.) and some cute wedges (ones that will make me 6′ 2″ but no one will complain), someone comes to pick me up on a tandem bicycle.
Yes, you can ride a tandem bicycle on wedges and a dress.
Okay, maybe that’s a little too far. We’ll say it’s just a regular car.
Anyways, our destination is an area of cute little shops with fun, artsy things where everything is on sale and all the employees are friendly. (dream big or don’t dream at all, people) We wander around this paradise, come across some live local musicians playing in the area, and eat lunch at a sidewalk cafe, where no one thinks it’s strange that I just want a big, leafy, green salad and a piece of tiramisu.
Now, for the crowning glory of this shopping experience: we go to a bookstore.
New and used books, with broken and unbroken bindings. Books that smell like new paper and fresh ink. Books that smell like they’ve been sitting in the basement for 80 years. And this person lets me pick out a stack of books to buy, and we talk about how much we love to read and why we like this author and why this is the perfect day. And there is much laughter.
Then I go back home, feed my goldfish named Clementine, wash dishes while looking out at the water, and pray. And all is peaceful. And even though I know the world isn’t all right, I’ve had a taste of peace, a day when all seemed right. And it makes me hunger for others to experience it. It makes me want even more to bring peace and rest and joy to the people who don’t know Him.
And on that note, I decide to make pizza since that is a dish that never gets old. And I make it from scratch, and it all goes right. And I take a couple pieces to my sister who lives a few blocks away. Then she and I go out to the beach to watch the sun set over the water. And we dig our toes into the sand and huddle under a quilt when it gets chilly. And when the stars come out, I’ll say goodbye to her and walk back to my cottage, with my gaze upwards – trying to find as many constellations as a I can.
And, tonight, I’ll find them all. Because it’s the perfect day.

6 thoughts on “Just in case you’re wondering what my perfect day would look like.

  1. i’m really glad this is your perfect day. i can see it fitting you absolutely perfectly. (and me being half miserable living it…thank goodness we are all different and that is aok!) and please tell me, the person picking you up is an adorable beach boy, just cause life is a fairy tale and that’s how it all works out. ;) love you, ash!

  2. Any day is perfect if we know we are right with our creator/God. That is the most important thing when we think about a perfect life. You are right to dream big dreams. Dreams are what makes us who we are. No! We may not accomplish all we dream about, but it is fun running the race. Blessings to you as you really begin running your race of life and become more independent. Hopefully it will be a slower pace than a race so you can enjoy it more. Love you..

  3. I seriously want this to happen. lets sorta make this happen one day…we can wake up and sit and pray outside, then go for a jog…then we can go in our sun dresses shopping at cute places downtown, etc :)

  4. Kate – so glad we’re different and okay with it :) haha, adorable beach boy? we’ll see ;) its just might be!
    Mama Mc – So true, any day with Jesus is just right!
    Rebe- I just got excited when I saw that. Can we really do it??? I’d love that.

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