Post #156: it’s time to talk about fruit.

People say – too frequently – “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” and the sentiment is good. It’s practical to take what life dishes out and try to make the best of it. But really people, is lemonade the best thing you could come up with? You can only drink so much of that, and it takes a lot of lemons to make even enough for one person. What if you have a family of 8??
That’s only for if life gives you an excess of lemons, I guess. Which wouldn’t be so bad.
It does make sense, to make something tasty or useful out of the lemons life gives me. It wouldn’t be very productive to suck on them then complain about how sour they are. No, that would just be dumb. I think I do that sometimes though.
When life hands me something I don’t like – for example: a steak, a need to sprint for two hours, sore limbs after sprinting, or a headache – I think I suck on them and complain about how sour they taste. I’m the one who put them in my mouth. I’m the one who decided not to just hold the things for the amount of time they would be in my life. I sucked on them instead, making the situation far less pleasant than it had to be, both for me and the people I complained to.
This weekend, I had a party. I didn’t complain about that, because I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I might have complained a little about how sweaty and hot I got while cleaning and doing yard work the night before though. At said party, we had a need for lots of strawberries and bananas. And apparently we didn’t need as many as we thought we needed. So, not only did the last guests to leave get to take home a bunch of bananas, but we have tons of both leftover. The solution? Make many smoothies. And Google “what to do with lots of fresh strawberries”.
I found an answer that was a little odd-sounding, but delicious. So, here’s what you do when you have an excess of strawberries.
Make strawberry soup. Blend up those red berries with a little half n half, and you have yourself one of the more healthy desserts out there. And it just sounds healthy.
When life gives me lemons, next time I’m making lemon bars and lemon poppyseed muffins. Because that’s so much better than sucking on them.

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