Graduation eve jaunt into the future.

It is my last day to be able to say that I am a senior in high school, because – come tomorrow night – I will be a graduate.  When people ask where I go to school, the answer will no longer be Small, Private High School, but Bigger but still small Private University.

Gosh, it amazes me how life just charges on.  I don’t think anyone ever asked my permission to make my life progress into adulthood so quickly, but here I am.  I’m 18 and a high school senior today, and tomorrow I’ll still be 18 and be a high school alumna.  Secretly, (well, not so secretly, I suppose, since this will be online for all the world to see… tell your friends!) I’m glad that I had no say.  It’s a good thing that no one asked my four-year-old self whether or not I wanted to grow up and have the years in-between simply flash before me.  I think I would have beamed at you, said no, and continued to dance and sing and eat popsicles and play in the sprinkler – or whatever I was doing.  Probably pretending to be a fairy or a princess, one of those things you don’t just grow up to be.

That’s an interesting thought: would I really want to be a fairy or a princess now?  Now that I’ve spent years maturing and learning (hopefully with some success in both areas), I think I would say no.  Well, at least to being a fairy, because if a prince asks me to marry him, I’m certainly not refusing.  (Really, does he have to have a crown to be a prince?)  Honestly, I think I would refuse the magical powers and the wings – even though the life of a pixie-like creature does appeal to my tall, gangly self.  I think I’d like to live a human life, to live it with regard for others, and to make my stamp on the world.

Looking back on how much God has changed me since I was four – heck, even since freshman year – I hardly think I would recognize myself in four years if I kept changing at this rate.  I’m going to make some predictions on here, of what I think I will be like, doing, etc.  And this is totally off-the-cuff.  I didn’t prep for this.

I think I will

1) still be 5′ 11 1/2”.

2) have either really long or really short hair, because at some point in college I’m going to go for an extreme.  I can just feel it.

3) Be living on my own either in Minneapolis or Chicago

4) either frequently go out of the country for work or live out of the country or wish I was out of the country

5) still be blogging

6) maybe have expanded the realm of what I will ingest to include some more things.  Maybe I’ll be able to stomach tofu or fish by then.  (I currently don’t eat meat, so we’ll see if that changes – FAT chance, people, fat chance)

7) be involved in a church, still in love with Jesus, and maybe working in ministry

8) be hounding my sister to have kids once she’s married, so that I can be the favorite auntie, DUH!

9) still be in touch with my dear high school friends, defying most odds and thumbing my nose at the people who said that our friendships wouldn’t last.  They’re deeper than that, people. Have a little faith.

10) Have a roommate and a pet goldfish named Clementine.

There, now remind me to check back in here in four years.  Until then, I’ll still be here, blogging away as much as I can and as well as I can.  And life, I’m sure, will chug away until I can hardly see where I’ve been.  That’s one of the benefits of blogging, keeping at least a partial record of who I am, what I’m doing, and what I’m thinking about.  Mostly what I’m thinking about.

Thanks for going with me on this little jaunt into the future.  Stick around, we might learn something together.


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