Where are all the sinners?

So, I had a lovely weekend. I got dressed up as lovely as I get and went to a lovely place with my lovely high school to watch lovely (and laugh-until-you-cry-hilariously funny) comedy and eat lovely food and ride around in a lovely limo and stay out until 2am.
I am a firm believer that not much good happens with people who are awake after midnight. I enjoyed my time out with my friends, but around 1am, when the limo driver with a slight accent dropped us off, I was fried.
And I stayed fried after my 4 hour “sleep. ” and my two and a half hour nap. And after sleeping for another 7 hours. And though my first day of fried-ness went well, without any major irritation or rudeness of my part, day two wasn’t my prettiest.
I didn’t blow up at anyone, but by the end of the day, I certainly didn’t smell like Jesus. (in case you don’t understand, that’s a reference to a post from a week or so ago)
I was flipping back and forth between each three christian radio stations that I flip between in my car, avoiding the other good station (good, but not Jesus good) because I was hungry for some Jesus. And all the songs were about people in pain crying out to Jesus. And I realized why I get irritated with those stations. The djs have struggles in their lives, but if they struggle with sin, I’ve never heard about it. There are a few songs about how much we fail and how great God’s grace is, but in those 20 minutes, the only crying out to Jesus was coming from people who had bad things happen TO them. Not people who do bad things.
Where are all the sinners, for crying out loud? Where are all the imperfect people who create their own messes? Where are all those people who have messed up and know it and are banking on God to get them out of it, who know they can’t fix themselves?
I know I’ve heard songs like this. I know I have them on my ipod. Sometimes though, I feel like we pretend like the only struggles we have are the ones that are inflicted upon us, not our fault.
I make messes. I can’t clean them up. I’ll be one to admit it. Anyone with me?

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