So I’m not exactly sure why this is,  but whenever I go outside to study, I end up feeling like I really don’t wanna do that. I feel like I’d rather just sit and soak up some rays. Maybe change my light skin pigment a little bit. But here I am, outside, and I have homework to do. And the sunshine is telling me that I don’t have a care in the world. When in fact, I have many.
I’ve got those pesky papers and annoying assignments that will ensure that I get to graduate if I do well on them. I’ve got a basic understanding of most of government as a whole and an in-depth understanding of a few parts of it when it should really be the other way around. I’ve got a bowl of cheez-its sitting next to me and the sun making everything beautiful and the breeze gently making the trees rustle.
It’s beautiful, and I’d rather just be enjoying it than enjoying it while doing homework. But, I can do that when I finish high school in seven days. (isn’t that weird???)
For now I will enjoy while doing my scholarly duties.


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