I’m going to get all sentimental on you now.

In 27 days, my classmates and I will don caps & gowns of royal blue and receive a piece of paper saying that we’ve made it through high school successfully.
As I thought about what to type after that, my hands froze over the my phone’s keyboard, and my eyes stared blankly at the screen. My heart started pumping blood a little faster, and my lungs sort of seized up.
In most people’s minds, I’m sure a high school graduation just seems like a rite of passage or a step into a better phase of life. And I’m sure that they’re right. I know it’s a small step in my life, and I know it’s a springboard into my future, a future full of the plans God has for me.
But boy, oh boy, how hard it is to wrap my mind around the end of this era. I’m ready for college, and I think I have been for about a year now. If not that long, then at least the past six months. But there’s still the part of me that feels like I’m still 13. Where did the past 5 years go?
Since I don’t have an answer to that question other than the obvious (the list of things I’ve done in the past 5 years, who doesn’t explain why it’s gone by so quickly), I’ll move to another topic.
Jesus and the demon-possessed man.
If you haven’t read this recently, take a look at Luke 8. Until the last part, it seemed familiar though still amazing to me. Then it says that the demon-possessed man begged Jesus not to go. Begged. And all of a sudden, I can put myself into that man’s place.
Step 1) Jesus miraculously delivers you from things that have been destructive to you and to others.
Step 2) you are amazed to find yourself healed. You are full of gratitude to God and want to learn more about this incredible love that heals the sick at heart.
Step 3) Jesus says he has to go. He gets in a boat…
My heart just ached at that moment for that man. But, Jesus, I still have so much to learn! I want to spend time with you. I… I… I love you. I don’t have anyone else! I can just hear his plea.
Why did Jesus leave? I know Jesus is always there for me (not physical, but spiritually), and all I have to do is cry out to him… And I suppose it was the same for this man. But did he know that? Did Jesus explain it to him?
I can’t question Jesus here. I mean, he heals the guy! And he does have other places to go to, other people to deliver. And he’s not really leaving this man alone. His next step is to turn the man away saying, “return home and tell how much God has done for you.”
Ah. There it is. In retelling his story, not only will the man continue to relive it, but he will be able to have more people to marvel with about Jesus’ amazingness.
Smart, Jesus.
He really does take care of us.


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