Scavenger hunt.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today.
People often depict life as a walk, that we’re all on this path called “Life”, strolling along through the nice weather and the rainstorms. Things aren’t always easy, and the view isn’t always nice, but we’re walking.
I would like to propose that life is more like a scavenger hunt. It’s a purposed walk. And you don’t always know where you will be going next or what you should be looking for. It’s not just a stroll down a pre-paved path, because no one has ever had the exact sequence of events that you have. Sure, you’re not the only one who has ever been in your situation, but perhaps you are the only one who has ever been called to India then gotten behind in Calculus, gotten stressed, and had your hair start falling out, in that order.
The path image makes it seem like we always know what’s ahead and where we should be going, like we have a map. I won’t say that we don’t have guidance, but let’s be honest – it’s quite a bit more ambiguous than that. There are some times when you just know the right thing to do, because it’s a black and white choice, a right and wrong decision, chocolate vs. vanilla. (you always pick chocolate in that circumstance, by the way) But what about when you’re deciding between who homework assignment to complete first? What about when you don’t know whether or not you need to sign up for the 21 or the 15 meal plan?
These type of things are what make like a scavenger hunt. We get clues and have an idea of what we’re looking for, but we have to rely on God’s guidance (who He so abundantly provides, when we ask – and often when we don’t ask) to find our way.
Scavenging, doesn’t that bring up images of searching through a dumpster or looking for berries in the woods?
It’s a search. A search for truth and right and the sure footing that will lead us to the place where God wants us.
Just my musings on my homework break. Homework break = over.


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