Rain or shine.

I love the drive home from my after school nany job, down windy, remote roads. Especially when the sun, just beginning to set, is filtering through Audrey windows and it’s warm enough to have the windows down a little bit.
That’s the feeling of freedom, driving around curve after curve, while those warm rays lift my spirit and the breeze reminds me that spring is here and summer is coming. Summer, ah, the thought makes me twinge. So much to accomplish and live through before it arrives, and yet it isn’t far away at all. It will brings more peaceful moments with warm sunshine, and more relaxing drives down long, windy roads.
Rainy days, however, can have the same effect on me – only not if I’m driving. Those are the days where I hear raindrops hitting the roof and the windows of my house with a feeling of safety and security. Those are the days when my instinct is to grab a book and a blanket and to sit out on our three-season porch, in the big round chair, hearing the storm all around me but being safe.
There’s a genuine sense of peace in being protected. And I won’t always be protected; I haven’t always been. Sometimes, I’m driving in the rain, during those downpours where you can see about ten feet in front of you and have no idea if the other drivers can see you. (during those situations, I always think of the part during 27 Dresses where they hydroplane, and it keeps me at a slow, precautionary speed.)
It’s good to drive in the sunshine, and to be sheltered from the rain. and to drive in the rain. Maybe even to be sheltered from the sunshine (it can burn, you know.)
Thoughts of a Saturday morning.

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