Your story, which is actually mine.

It’s always a sad day when it’s sunny outside… While you’re in school. Then the lil guy you’re babysitting is sick, and you feel bad. And on top of that, he wants Cinnamon Toast Crunch for snack. That’s all he wants. But there isn’t any left, so you have to give him frosted flakes, which are a sore substitute for the cinnamon-sugary goodness of CTC, as we all know.
It’s also a sad day when people don’t understand that because you drive a manual transmission, and you do it responsibly, staying under 3 rpms at all times, you don’t accelerate as fast as she can. And so maybe her young, automatic car can go from zero to 55 in 3 seconds, but Audrey cannot. And when she throws her hands – cigarette and all – in the air and mouths “go!” like she’s never been so frustrated in her entire life (if that’s true, we should trade, lady), it doesn’t make Audrey accelerate any faster. You want to explain this but unfortunately, telepathy has not yet been invented.
So, you try not to dwell on those things.
You remember the great parts of the week. You recall that PSEO test that went better than any of the others have. You relive the experience registering for college classes for the first time and all the squealing and excitement that went along with that. Pictures of meaningful or happy conversations come to mind. And then, you remember that it wasn’t really a bad day. And you don’t really know why you felt like it was.
So, as you put a glass of water next to the poor coughing boy and remind him that wherever he goes, his water needs to come too, his smile makes you remember that there is happiness in this world, today. It’s not a bad day, not in the least. And what can we do about the elements that were unpleasant? Well, now that they’re over, absolutely nothing.
Even though you’re not certain whether or not all your homework will get done, or if your future holds what you think it will, or that the Twins will win their next game, the sun will come up tomorrow morning (unless Jesus comes back, whih would also be a positive scenario), and whether or not it comes up before you’ve left your house, the day will go on. And there will be something redemptive in it. Some blessing to find, some chunk of God to grasp onto.
Oh, the temporariness of these things I get upset over.


One thought on “Your story, which is actually mine.

  1. Love this post, Ashley. Show the automatic transmission lady who’s boss…and i’ll remember that not everyone has an automatic ;). I love how positive and real you are all at the same time.

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