Short Post.

There are moments when I wonder what I’m working towards at that very moment. When I’m intently working on my calculus homework – developing math skills that don’t factor into what I think my future will look like – am I actually preparing myself for when I change my major to mathematics in my junior year of college? When I blog daily, am I preparing myself for a column at the Washington Post or the Pioneer Press?  (cross your fingers, everyone.)

When I sing at the top of my lungs in my car, am I getting warmed up to be a singer in a band? When I clean my room (about twice a month), am I preparing myself to have lots of cleaning as a stay-at-home mom?  When I babysit four kids, is that foreshadowing of what my family will look like?

Basically, I’m just wondering how my life right now factors into my future.  And obviously, I can’t answer this for myself now. (If God has given you insight into my future, please tell me what He said.)  I know the passions God has given me: writing, people, justice, learning…  And I’d like to think that I know how all of those fit together, but really, maybe my life will be built on the obscure experiences that don’t seem to fit right now – like calculus.  Like my short stint as a sychronized swimmer. Like the times the kids act up when I’m babysitting.

I’ve got a time limit for this post, so it’s a short post.  It’s a blurb, just an indication of where my mind is right now.  This is an exercise in being concise – which is something I struggle with, in case you haven’t noticed.

Short post.  Huh, not sure if I like that.


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