Targetting and attractions.

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you are at Target and don’t expect the bathroom door to be quite so resilient against your push? So when the door doesn’t swing wide open like you expected it to, and it opens just barely wide enough for you to squeeze yourself through, you find yourself feeling as though anyone who can see you thinks your trying to be sneaky?  I had that experience today. Maybe I’m the only one who has ever been so unfortunate as to misjudge a door’s weight.
I was targetting a wider entry point, but instead I got a sliver of opening to slide through.
Oh, Target.
Today was a day of many small purchases. After my mom treated Brooke and me t
o spring break pedicures, we popped over to Tuesday Morning to just see what they had.
I wasn’t expecting to find anything super exciting. But I walked out if there with a shopping bag containing two Chinese-printed coffee mugs and a little jar of buttons.
I don’t even understand why I was so attracted to those things. Well, I sort if understand. The mugs had a similar print to some dishes that my grandma has in her house in Bartlesville, ones that I love using when I go visit her. The buttons? Well, I guess I thought there might be something creative I could do with them. So I followed my strong attraction to them and made the purchase.
Then, when I got home, Pinterest helped me to figure out what they would become. After it’s all finished I’ll post pictures.
Maybe this is just me, but my decision-making process when I’m shopping has a lot more to do with emotions and instinct (and price tag) than it has to do with logic.  If there’s a really strong attachment to something, I only use logic to rationalize the purchase or to dissuade myself from borrowing $309 from my mom for the beautiful dress I found. (Though that was a completely hypothetical example, I do tend to have expensive taste in clothes. But then again, I also have patience to look through clearance racks).
No, I usually go with my gut as long as my gut is being reasonable about price and as long as whatever the item is will fit in my room. And today, my gut said buttons. And Asian mugs.
I like that.
The spontaneity and small bit of happiness that comes from spending $7 on slightly frivolous yet also slightly useful items is just plain fun. Not that all of life needs to be fun or happy. But when it can come at such a small price, it’s nice.
I also get joy from smiling at people. Or when I see people I know in Target – and one of them tells me she likes reading my blog :). Or when I get a handwritten letter in the mail that isn’t a cleverly disguised piece of college mail.
So many thing to be thankful for.
Still working on coming up with a name for my phone.
The contenders thus far: Gwenyth, Dotty (because of her polka dot case), Twila, Zeke, Jeffery, and Newton.


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